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"Miami Music Man Airs once a Week"

Season 1
  • Episode: 1
  • Air Date: Pilot Premiere April 23rd 9pm 2013
  • Name: “No music, no life”
  • About the Show:
Meet pop electronic star Pierce Cruise. The Miami musician has performed alongside pop queen Lady Gaga and is the creative genius behind the dance hall anthems “I See Music” and “I Don't Give a Faaaaa.” Now in a new reality web series “Miami Music Man” he's giving viewers an inside look at his life and the wild Miami music scene that is his natural habitat. In the show's premier Pierce jams out in the park with two young musicians. Later he gathers a posse of friends – including several models – and goes shopping for outlandish and skimpy pajamas that the group hopes to wear to fancy clubs to shake things up a little.
  • Episode: 2
  • Air Date: May 23rd , 9th. show starts running
  • Name: “We're musicians and we just want to play wherever we wanttoplay, we want to be whoever we want to be anytime we want to be it.”

  • About the show:
Pierce and his posse of musicians artists and models throw caution and dress codes to the wind and hit the Miami clubs decked out in ridiculous and skimpy pajamas. Their goal: to shake up the South Beach Club scene and get people talking and thinking. The group gets thrown out of one restaurant for having a food fight, another club won't even seat them inside, but for Pierce and company it's all part of being a musician.
  • Episode: 3
  • Air Date: May 30th
  • Name: “How's my ball sack look?”
  • About the show:
Still decked out in crazy pajamas Pierce and his posse of friends give up trying to get seated in a fancy club and instead enter into a serious jam session on the side of Lincoln Road (one of South Beach's main pedestrian thoroughfares). As Pierce and company break out the acoustic guitars, launch into heartfelt sing along, and dance in the street barely clothed in their pajamas they attract crowds who watch and listen with admiration and confusion. Just another day in the life for the Music Man.
  • Episode: 4
  • Air Date: June 6th
  • Name: “Music is about feeling, we just let it role, there's no thinking involved.”

  • About the show:
Life is good for pop electronic music star Pierce Cruise. After running around South Beach with his friends dressed in ridiculous pajamas he wakes up in bed with three beautiful women. Pierce's only complaint, “why are we all in our clothes?” That complaint seems trivial when one of the girls' boyfriend shows up at the door and Cruise is forced to confront him. Will it come to blows? Watch and find out!