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Miami Music Man

Breaking News: Reality Gets Realer!

If you like reality shows, but hate some of the obviously staged, contrived situations, exciting pop/electronic star Pierce Cruise offers a refreshing change of pace: "Music Man in Miami" -- his outrageous, new reality web series, launches on March 28th 2012

"This show explores what it's really like to be a true artist," says the young, Miami-based singer/songwriter, whose mesmerizing hit songs and music videos "I See Music" and "I Don't Give a Faaaa" (the latter with Lady GaGa) entrance millions of fans.

Pierce's uncanny gifts for poetry and songwriting emerged while he grew up under the guidance of his single, adopted mother -- a deeply religious, church-going black woman who taught him the joys and hypnotic rhythms of gospel music.

His talents for putting together a true reality show, inspired by Miami's vibrant music scene, are on display in "Music Man in Miami": "People will finally see how truly amazing the music world is here," he says.

Madly entertaining episodes of the much-anticipated reality series highlight Pierce getting caught up that wild scene: he and local friends hatch spontaneous songs at 3:00 a.m. on a wave-crashed beach; cigar-chomping, crazy-eyed music producers bicker while wearing feety pajamas; platinum-blonde, Cuban grandmothers dance onstage with fishnet-clad beauties; moody, tattooed poets tangle with tear-stained girlfriends.

In each episode, raw, unpredictable talent blazes.

"You'll see the every day life of a music artist," Pierce says, describing the riveting up and downs that make the show so engrossing. "We act on emotion. We go the edge. We have open relationships ... we're not slaves to society. Our life is a fantasy -- but we live it! We're your escape from reality."

Directed by visionary filmmakers from London, New York, Italy, Moscow, and Venice Beach, California -- "Music Man in Miami," your guaranteed reality escape from reality, is sure to be a wow!