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About The Show

Pop electronic star Pierce Cruise lives in a reality different from most of us.

He has collaborated with pop queen Lady Gaga and is the creative genius behind the dance hall anthems “I See Music” and “I Don't Give a Faaaaa.” Now in a new reality web series “Miami Music Man” he's giving an inside view into his life and the wild Miami music scene that is his natural habitat.

The show will premier on Wednesday March 28th on MiamiMusicMan.tv. New episodes will be posted to the site Weekly, Every Wednesday at 9pm.

Step aside “Jersey Shore”, “Miami Music Man” is honest, truly unscripted and raw – everything that most reality shows are not. Set against the backdrop of South Beach's glittering white sands and the flashing colored lights of Miami's nightclubs, the show follows The Music Man (Gaga's and everyone else nickname for Cruise) and his friends as they travel through a whirlwind of art, poetry and music. Viewers will get to see Cruise and company write spontaneous songs at 3 a.m. on a wave-crashed beach, watch as cigar-chomping music producers bicker in pajamas and Cuban grandmothers dance on stage with fishnet-clad beauties.

“This show explores what it's really like to be a true artist,” says Cruise. The 25-year-old Miami-based singer/songwriter adds that it will also give people an idea of the vibrant Miami music scene. “People will finally see how truly amazing the music world is here. Here you see artists sitting on the beach and writing music in most other cities you have these artists sitting in mansions making music.”

The show is directed by Sally Silvers an award-winning film director whose credits include independent film classics such as “The Sharp Side” (a Texas Film Festival award winner) and “Daphne and Teddy.” Silvers admits she is not a fan of reality TV in general but she was intrigued by Cruise and the world he lives in.

“The different components of Pierce's complicated charisma create an entertaining, unpredictable, refreshingly true romp. Yes, he's the cool, enigmatic character of his songs and videos, but he's also quirky and sweet,” she said. “In one episode, for instance, he and his posse garb up in impossibly silly pajamas, go to their elegant dinner reservation at a five-star restaurant -- then on to an upscale nightclub! You just never know what he and the colorful locals from the Miami music scene friends, producers, and other eccentrics, will do.”

A native of Brooklyn N.Y. Cruise's uncanny gifts for poetry and songwriting emerged while he grew up under the guidance of his single, adopted mother – a deeply religious, church-going black woman who taught him the joys and hypnotic rhythms of gospel music. Cruise put those lessons to good use, his hip-hop infused music is full of infectious beats and catchy melodies and his lyrics are layered with a deeper poetic meaning than most club music. Those unfamiliar with Cruise's music can watch him perform alongside Gaga on the video for “I Don't Give a Faaaaa.”

Both Cruise's fans and non fans alike will be entertained and inspired by watching “Miami Music Man.”

“You'll see the every day life of a music artist,” Cruise says.“We act on emotion. We go the edge. We have open relationships. We're not slaves to society. Our life is a fantasy – but we live it. We're your escape from reality.”

Pierce Cruise is available for interviews and can discuss his new show, the Miami music scene, pop music and reality TV.

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